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What's that smell

One of the pleasures of pets is having a cuddle. Whether you're sitting in the sun in the back yard or collapsed on the lounge after a long day at work, pets are always there for you and love getting up close for a scratch or a pat. 

Keeping them smelling good is important, however, as waft of bad air can really turn you off.This is especially noticeable when pets live indoors. Bad breath, Ear infections and smelly coats are three of the main culprits;  Here's how to deal with them;

Bad Breath was until recently so common in dog and cats it was considered normal. With better understanding of dental care in pets, most people now recognize bad breath as indicating dental problems. Regular raw bones and brushing are the best way to prevent dental problems, but  some pets will need a dental clean performed under general anaesthetic.

Ear infections can often be very smelly due to the build up of yeast infections or ear mites. They also may be very sore and need to be looked at by the vet. Some pets may also need to have them cleaned under a general anaesthetic and go home on medication.

The smelly coat is usually the domain of dogs rather than cats. Dogs love to roll in the smelliest things they can but this is easy to fix; a good wash will do the job. Other smells may be tougher to banish.  Excess sebum, a natural skin secretion, is a common cause of bad smell. It encouraged bacterial growth, leading to the odour. To get your sweet smelling pet back, do the following; 

1. Feed a premium dry food. These contain omega 3 fatty acids in the correct ratio to reduce skin inflammation, a factor in smelly coats.

2.Use flea control every month of the year. Fleas contribute to most inflammatory skin conditions.

3. Brush the coat regularly. This remove loose hair, debris and dirt.

4. Use an anti - microbial shampoo. We'll recommend the right one for you pet. If the smell does not improve in 3- 4 washes, book an appointment for us to investigate the problem further.

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