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Paralysis ticks (Ixodes holocyclus) are among the most dangerous parasites that can affect your pet. It is estimated that many thousands of dogs in Australia are affected each year and, unfortunately, some die.




1. Avoid tick habitats

During the tick season, don't take your dog walking in bush areas known to harbour ticks. Keep lawns and shrubs short and remove compost material from backyards.

2. Search your dog every day for ticks

The most essential preventative measure is a thorough search of your dog's skin and coat at least once a day even if tick control products have been applied. This method gives you the best chance of finding a tick before serious tick paralysis occurs.

Be systematic with your search

Use the fingertips to feel through your dog's coat. Ticks or tick craters can be felt as lumps on the skin surface.
  • Start at your dog's nose and slowly examine the face, ears, lips and eyes. Most ticks are found forward of the front legs, especially on the face, neck and ears. However, be careful to also check skin folds around the lips and ears.
  • Search around the eyes and on top of the forehead carefully before checking the neck.
  • Remove collar and search through the skin folds in the neck. Continue down the shoulders to the forelegs, remembering to check between the toes and under the armpits. Examine the chest, back, belly, around the tail and anus, and the back legs.
  • If you find a tick, remove it and don't forget to search for more. Some dogs can be infested with many ticks at one time.

3. Remove ticks

As soon as a paralysis tick is found it should be removed. Quickly remove the tick without squeezing the engorged abdomen. Your veterinarian can do this or show you the best method. A special hook or tweezers may be useful.

What Affects do ticks have?

The Paralysis caused by the tick mostly starts with an unsteady, staggering gait due to the hind limb weakness. The front limbs are affected next and then the throat. Lastly and fatally if the lungs are affected.

What can I use to prevent ticks on my pet ?

1. Kiltix Tick and Flea Collar.

2. Permoxin Insecticidal Spray and Rinse. Permoxin also kills and repels fleas and mosquitoes.

3. Frontline Plus Top Spot is effective for ticks on dogs if used every two weeks. Frontline Spray is effective for ticks on both dogs and cats.

4. Advantix for dogs is a spot - on -  the -  back - of - the - neck.

Clinical Signs usually develop within 3- 4 days after tick attachment.

- vomiting and/or gagging or refusing food.
- A slight wobbliness of the hindquarters which worsens to paralysis and inability to stand.
- A change in the sound of bark or miaow.
-Difficulty breathing.

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