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Pre - anaesthetic blood testing.

Many of us have felt apprehensive about a loved family pet having a general anaesthetic. While anaesthetics these days are extremely safe, it is normal to worry. Our job is to look after your pets and make the anaesthetic as safe as possible. One of the ways  we do this is with a pre anaesthetic blood test. 

Prior to an anaesthetic, we will examine each pet thoroughly. While this gives us important information about factors such as heart rate and rhythm, a blood test shows us what's going on internally. It gives us vital information about the health of the blood and major organs.

Pre - anaesthetic blood tests can detect conditions that otherwise may not be detected. These include Diabetes, Kidney and Liver disease, hyperthyroidism,Anaemia and other blood disorders.

Blood tests allow us to decide whether to proceed as planned, delay the anaesthetic until the underlying condition is treated, or adjust the type of anaesthetic used.

Pre - anaesthetic blood tests help to ensure your pet receives the best treatment possible.

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