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Nutritional Advice

Dogs and cats vary in their nutritional requirements and this will determine what comprises a good diet for your pet. Dogs are predominantly scavengers and in the wild their ancestors ate raw meaty bones, stomach contents, offal, eggs, birds, fruit and the like. Not only is it unbalanced but it is also likely to be deficient in calcium. A good quality commercial diet will provide your dog with a consistent and balanced diet. Good health can be achieved by supplementing this diet with raw meaty bones at least  three times a week. Remember never to give cooked or even microwave defrosted bones as these can cause intestinal problems.

Cats require a much higher protein diet since their ancestors were primary hunters and therefore ate higher quantities of meat than dogs. Once again good quality commercial food is the most convenient means to achieve a high quality consistent diet which is well balanced for your cat. As with dog's,  a Cat's diet should be well supplemented with raw meaty bones at least three times a week.

So while keeping pets at their correct weight is probably the best gift you can give your pet, doing it is hard. There is an abundance of food in our pantries 
and we're soft at heart. Here are some tips;
- Feed raw bones 3 times a week. Chewing releases serotonin in the brain producing a sense of well being.Pets will then pester you less for food plus have healthier teeth.
- Use a food dispenser toy. These toys hold the pets meal but only let small amounts out at a time. This means longer meal times and more satisfaction.
- Scatter food around the garden. Rather than feeding in a bowl, scatter food around the garden. This replicates pets normal instinct to hunt for food, and presents a challenge and leaves them feeling more satisfied.
- Weigh your pet at the clinic. The scales are in the waiting room, That you can use to weigh your pet.

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