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Internal Parasites-Worms

Dogs and cats should be wormed at least quarterly against common intestinal worms - roundworm, hookworm, tapeworm and whipworm ( cats do not get the last one). These intestinal worms are treated by most reputable "all - wormer" products available. In addition some of these intestinal worms can be treated by using a combination product (chewable or tablet), which also prevents disease. The common flea tapeworm can cause anal irritation and is visible in the faeces. Good flea control will help to prevent this worm.

Even though uncommon some worms such as roundworm can cause disease in humans, especially children, so a more regular worming program of puppies and kittens and washing hands after handling pets is essential.

Heartworm Disease is a serious and often fatal condition primarily dogs but sometimes cats as well. In dogs, the worm infests the heart and the main blood vessels leading to the lungs causing coughing, exercise intolerance and breathlessness. This disease is now easily preventable through an annual
This disease is now easily preventable through an annual Heartworm Injection (Proheart Injection).

Alternatives to the annual injection include monthly preventatives as Sentinel (tablets) or spot on treatments (Advocate or Revolution).

Cats are usually infested with far fewer worms and whilst less common, cats can suffer acute collapse and sudden death.

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