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Exotic Pets - General Infomation

Exotic pets are becoming more popular. Ferrets, Cavies (Guinea Pigs), Rats and Rabbits all make good pets. As all these species have unique husbandry requirements, it is important to seek advice from our veterinarian or books on these species. Remember that these species have short life spans so that whilst it is natural to become very attached to these pets, children will have to cope with losing them at some stage. This is an important part of growing up, however, as is dealing with the responsibility of caring for another living creature. It is becoming more common for veterinarians to see these exotic pets and more and more can now be done to help these little ones through their illness.
Just as in Cats and Dogs, Rabbits should be vaccinated once a year against the Calci Virus and Ferrets should also be vaccinated once a year against Distemper.

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