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Birds-General Information

Budgerigars and Canaries bred for captivity are the most popular pet birds. Larger birds such as parrots, galahs, cockatoos and cockatiels may be kept as pets but not all are suited to confinement in cages. All caged birds must have flying exercise daily. It is better to keep birds in an environment where they can fly.

An outdoor aviary is a much more ideal environment for a bird and will avoid stress related diseases due to boredom often seen in confined birds.

The feeding and nutritional requirements of your pet bird will vary depending on type. Many birds eat seed but it is important not to limit the diet: cuttlefish offers calcium and beak exercise. Cages and aviaries should be cleaned regularly with food and water easily accessible. Perches should be provided with vary widths (such as a natural branch) since prepared dowel perches do little to exercise a bird's leg muscles. If you want to know how to best meet your bird's requirements there is excellent information available in guidebooks.

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