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Pet Boarding

At Campsie Vets, we board cats and dogs of all sizes. We also offer limited places for pocket pets*.

Dogs are kenneled individually however, if you own more than one dog and wish to have them housed together, we can organise to do that for you.

We have a large outdoor area with grass and shelter to allow dogs to socialise and exercise freely throughout the day. Our boarding facility encourages the socialisation of friendly dogs. This helps them to settle in quicker and thus enjoying their stay with us.

We provide all boarders with the same premium food that we recommend and sell to clients. We supplement this food with rice and vegetables which we cook in house. Specialised dietary requirements can be provided by the owner.

Cats are housed individually in a separate cattery. As with dogs, if you own more than one cat, you may request to house them together or next to each other. We provide the same premium food diets for cats that we recommend and sell to clients. Cats are exercised daily within the cattery for their safety.

For the protection of all animals in our boarding facility, we require proof of current and up to date vaccinations. We ask that your pet has two doses of C5 vaccinations for dogs and two doses of F3 vaccinations for cats. Rabbits require annual calicivirus vaccinations.

For pets with current medical conditions, we are happy to continue with their medications while they are boarding with us. Our vets are also available if required. While on holiday, you may phone, fax or email us to find out about your pet while it is in our care. For peace of mind, you may also leave your overseas contact details with us.

We board throughout the year however you need to book your pet in early over the Christmas and New Year period. To secure your booking over this special holiday period, we require a $50 non-refundable deposit by the 1st of November of that year.

*Conditions apply

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