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Walter St Vets  provide the following services -


  • advice on pet nutrition and behavior management
  • consultations  and vaccinations
  • dental scaling, polishing  and extractions
  • general anaesthesia  and  soft tissue surgery
  • speys  and castrations
  • orthopaedic surgery
  • blood tests , skin scrapes etc  - in house  laboratory
  • radiology - in house Xray facility
  • hospital  care  and intensive care 
  • pet merchandise-   pet foods ,  leads  , collars, shampoos 
  • hydrobath and grooming  (go to  HYDRO-BATH page for prices and services)



After Hour  Emergencies -  0415119817


Pet Insurance


Have  you thought  about  of pet insurance  ?


Veterinary  costs  can be expensive  and unexpected , much like  many other things in life. We  insure  our  homes  our  cars  our health etc  but very few  people  insure their pets.


The best way  to  budget  for  pet  expenses  is to look at  paying a monthly  or annual premium  which  covers most of your  pet's veterinary expenses.


Due to legal constraints of the insurance industry we are unable to  recommend  or  give specific advise on  pet insurance.

But  we  can provide  information  sourced from Choice  (who have recently compared pet insurance and given some general advice).




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