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Do you strive to own a socialised and well behaved family dog?
If so Puppy Pre-School is the essential course for you!

Most veterinarians, behaviourists and trainers agree that attending a good puppy school during the critical socialisation phase is an essential first step to developing a friendly family dog. 
Your puppies socialisation phase is between 3-16 weeks, this is a time when puppies are very accepting of new situations and experiences, bouncing back if they see something new or a little frightening.

Puppy Pre-School is a fun way to train and socialise your puppy using reward based training methods. The training techniques are simple to learn and help build a positive and long lasting relationship with your dog.

    Course Information

Here at Bomaderry Veterinary Hospital our aim of Puppy Pre-School is the develop your puppy's social and obedience skills in a safe and relaxed environment. As well as covering topics on dog behaviour and preventative health care.

Duration: 4 classes once a week that run for an hour at a time.

Age Requirement: 6-16 Weeks Old

Class Size: 5 puppies per course. This allows for more personalised attention for the puppy and the owner.

Venue: Bomaderry Veterinary Hospital

All Puppies need to be vaccinated prior to attending and it is strongly encouraged that they are covered against Canine Cough.

Don't delay your puppy's development enrol today by contacting

Samantha on 0410498290

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