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Chiko needs a new home

Posted: Tuesday, 20 March 2018 10:10 PM Quote
Regretably our Labrador x Shar Pei needs a new home as we are unable to keep him due to changes in our work away from home. He is currently located near Noosa, so come for a weekend and check him out. At the same time we would like to meet you as we need to ensure he goes to a great new home, where he is able to get plenty of love and pats.

He is almost 5 years, he has spent time in puppy school and grade 1 obedience classes. He knows most commands and walks really well on the lead, loves walks. He is desexed, very playful and would suit a family with kids over probably 4 years old. He loves to play fetch and you will get bored before he does. He doesn't chew anything, doesn't dig and doesn't try to escape, generally a great dog. One draw back is that if he is let loose, it can take some time for him to calm the excitment of freedom and hear your command to 'come' i.e. we haven't let him have free reign of the street or let him off the lead in parks or beach.

He does sleep inside however he is use to sleeping in a soft crate (which is included), and he doens't have free roam of the house, he knows his place and places inside he is allowed to go ie "the mat", however he will push boundaries if you are not strict with him, but the face is hard to say no to. He also doesn't drool.

He knows to wait before eating until he is told and we have always fed him on grain free food which means he doesn't smell and usually regulate his own eating pretty well.

He will play well with other dogs, his size or bigger, he doesn't like smaller dogs and they don't tend to like him, however happy to have a play date first if you have other dogs. He is great around chickens, but doesn't like ducks.

We will include the soft crate, outside bed, dog bowl, lead, plus a few other things. He has always had vaccinations and enjoys spending time in the holidays kennels when he has to.

For more pictures you can see them on Gumtree

Posted: Saturday, 7 April 2018 4:40 PM Quote
We found a great new home for Chiko.