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Dog refuses dry food

Posted: Thursday, 11 December 2014 2:37 PM Quote
I have recently 'inherited' a two year old collie/kelpie male from a dear friend who passed away. From when he was a young puppy,  I had always had frequent interactions with Dusty and loved him as my own dog even before my friend passed away - that's why I was asked to adopt him, so there was very little anxiety in the adoption process.
He had always been fed with a diet of dry biscuits and, occassionally, dog food rolls.  I continued this when he came to me, using exactly the same brand of food, but for some reason, he will not now eat dry food.  The first week was fine, he finished every meal.  As the days went on, he refused the food more and more until for a couple of days he would not eat at all. I tried varying the flavour and then the brand of biscuits to tempt him. No luck. I mixed the biscuits with some meat roll, still no luck.  In fact, he would tip the bowl over so that he could just get at the meat! But during all this time - 8 weeks now - he has not lost any condition and certainly no energy!
My main question is, would a diet of dog food rolls be adequate for him?  If so, how much a day should he have, as a very active young dog?  
Posted: Saturday, 27 December 2014 11:39 AM Quote
Looks like he prefers the moist meat rolls - but what if you mixed the dry with the moist and try them together - might take a meal or three before he decides he has to eat something, but also; don't you give him doggie treats? Good luck!