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Doggie Diapers

Posted: Tuesday, 4 June 2013 1:02 PM Quote
Hello all, I noticed alot of the Pet Centres are now selling doggie diapers. I was wondering if anyone has used them for their pet and are they hard to dispose of. And just wondered if a fussy dog may just try to rip them off. Any good or bad experiences with these would be helpful. signed Michele007
Posted: Sunday, 26 January 2014 10:05 AM Quote
I have a special needs Labrador and he has gone through stages where he has had short episodes of urinary incontinence.
After searching everywhere for daipers, pads etc and realised that the doggie daipers were mostly available only on-line.
I tried using regular human daipers (way cheaper than doggie ones) and the ones that fit human toddlers and they worked. You can even cut them to shape depending on the brand.
Hope that helps