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Please Help

Posted: Thursday, 14 March 2013 8:15 PM Quote
Hi, I would like to know if you do check ups for rabbits, because my rabbit has tears coming down his left eye and i'm worried and scared because i don't have that much money and i don't want him to be sick. I need to know if he needs an appointment. Please send me a letter back if i might need an appointment or check up for him. Thank you.
Posted: Tuesday, 26 March 2013 8:41 PM Quote
If it's just one eye it could be a foreign body in the eye (grass seed, grit, etc.) that could need flushing out. If both eyes are red and/or puffy and/or weepy, you have to act very quickly as this can be a sign of calicivirus or myxomatosis - both usually fatal. Calicivirus (in my experience) will generally take a bunny down quicker than myxomatosis but both are no fun for; you should get him to a vet. Calicivirus is preventable with a reasonably cheap vaccination by injection, but only before it is contracted. Unfortunately (unless things have changed in the past few years since I lost my bunnies to myxo) there is no cure for myxomatosis and no vaccination legally allowed here in Australia (although it is available overseas).
Posted: Wednesday, 29 July 2015 10:05 AM Quote
Hi there Susan, Yes, you do know me!!
I am 'looking after' my son's pet rabbits at the moment. He lives in Sydney, and is in the Navy and is away on long deployment at present. He wanted me to investigate the possibility of getting his 2 Male rabbits desexed, while he was away. Is this possible? I understand that they are 'illegal' in Qld, but they don't live here permanently. They live indoors as well.
They are Dwarf Lop-Eared males, and are about 7 months old. If I can get them desexed, how much would it cost? Are there more risks associated with rabbit desexing??
Ley me know what I should do, or should I look at a vet across the border. Obviously, I don't want to get in trouble.
Kind Regards