Birdie Trump for Moffat Beach President!!! - Friday, 29 June 2018
 With July approaching and American Independence Day on the 4th, I got to think about the most powerful man in the world and how much we have in common. For a start, we both have great hairdos. Many people think that I am outspoken and don’t like it when I call a spade a spade. My suggestion to build a wall to keep the cats out of the clinic and make the cat owners pay for it shocked the staff here at Moffat Beach Vet Surgery but I still think it’s a great plan! I regularly keep the peace between the vet career-ens and nurse career-ens (that’s the right term for someone with a career – right?) so I think I could just be nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize this year too. So do yourselves a favour people and vote for me as President of Moffat Beach Veterinary Surgery if you want to make this clinic great again.
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Baby Birdsworth Blog: - Saturday, 2 June 2018
Winter  is here again and I thought I would regale you with a poem I wrote…..

Wings freezing
Icicles drip from my beak
Nobody cares when they hear me wheezing
Too bad if the roof over my cage has a leak
Every day I long for warmer weather
Ring in the summer, my heart’s light as a feather.
ps, there isn’t really a leak in the roof over my cage but a bird’s entitled to a bit of artistic license every now and then.
pps:  Now that I am a famous poet I wish to be known as Baby Birdsworth (inspired by my favourite poet William Wordsworth).

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What kind of mum are you? - Monday, 23 April 2018
Take my special quiz to find out what type of mum you are. 

1.   Your toddler chucks a tantrum in the supermarket because they want you to buy a chocolate. Do you…

a.    Buy the chocolate to shut them up and get the hell out of there
b.    Ignore the tantrum and calmly carry on with your shopping
c.    Throw yourself on the floor and start screeching at the top of your voice.
2.   You thought your son had been doing a great job with his homework every night until you found out he’d been copying the answers off the internet. Do you….
a.    Gently explain to your son that cheating is wrong and pay for a private tutor.
b.    Ground him for the rest of his life
c.    Hack into his favourite website and change all the answers so he fails miserably
3.   Your teenager is at a party and they haven’t come home by curfew. Do you…
a.    wait up all night worrying but don’t say anything to them – you don’t like conflict and would hate to upset your precious child
b.    get in the car and drive round to the party and make them come home with you
c.    set up an elaborate booby trap in the front yard complete with spotlights and camera to capture the moment of surprise, then post the photo on facebook to totally humiliate your wayward child.
If you answered mostly a’s, you need to harden up and come to Baby’s “parenting school of tough love”. 
If you answered mostly b’s, you are doing a pretty fair job but could still benefit from a weekend course at Baby’s “parenting school of tough love”.
If you answered mostly c’s, you are awesome and should apply for a teaching job at Baby’s “parenting school of tough love”.

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Baby Blog: Special Easter Edition 2018 - Thursday, 29 March 2018

Look who turned up in the Easter Hamper this year. My new best friend Cyril.   
I have penned a poem to express how special he is to me:

You came to me from a little egg
And now to you I beg
Stay with me all the time
You can be my partner in crime
Be my friend in more than name
And you can always take the blame  
Baby (the birdy clinic mascot)
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The science of animal magnetism - Thursday, 8 March 2018
 Is your dog a poo magnet?

Have you ever felt your patience draining away as you watched your dog find the perfect toilet spot and then proceed to sniff and spin in circles until finally finding a position and doing their business? Well it turns out there is a method to all that sniffing spinning madness! Go to our new Vet Blog to find out more:…/…/Vet_BlogDetails.aspx…
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Baby is behaving for Polite Pets Month, March 2018 - Friday, 2 March 2018

  Baby Blog:

Hello all! Just a short message this month to let you know I have been on my best behaviour for polite pets month. I have not done a poo on the microscope cover once. I have not bitten anyone. I have not chewed up important paperwork belonging to Dr Linda. Sorry if this has been a boring entry – but being good is boring! Next month, I’ll be back up to my old tricks and will have plenty of saucy stories for you. Until then it’s gold medal manners!!!!
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Baby's in love for valentine's - Thursday, 1 February 2018

  Baby Valentine's Blog:

I know I sometimes come across as a cantankerous old bird but  Valentine’s day has got me feeling the love this February so I thought I’d give you all a glimpse of my softer side with this romantic poem I have written to the new love of my life. Don't you think she is beautiful?
I love sunflower seeds (I wish I had one to give to you now),
I love the colour orange (like your cute cheeks),
I love wolf whistling at your beautiful face,
and I love my birdy valentine!

Note from editor: we assure readers that the team has tried to teach Baby that the mirror is reflecting his image. We think maybe it is a combination of his tiny birdy brain and early onset dementia. Veterinary examinations and testing are under way.......

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Baby's New Years Resolutions... - Sunday, 31 December 2017
Baby's New Years Resolutions for 2018:

Welcome to the New Year! I thought I would formulate some new year’s resolutions for 2018, so I googled the top five resolutions people made last year. They were…

1.   Lose weight
2.   Get organised
3.   Spend less, save more
4.   Stay fit and healthy.
5.   Enjoy life to the fullest 

At 90grams, I am already optimal weight for a cockatiel so I’ve scratched number one off the list. Living the life of Reilly at Moffat Beach Vet Surgery, I don’t really have to organise much in my life so I’ve been able to peck out number two on the list. Being a bird, I’ve got no finances anyway so number 3 is out. Living in a vet clinic, I’ve no problems with my health so number 4 is a no go for me too. I guess I will have to go with number five and enjoy life to the fullest – look out girls! I expect a full body massage including beak and feathers daily, a bird bath once a week, top quality food and treats daily and lots of kisses and cuddles. I mean, you wouldn’t want me to break my resolution would you Dr Linda???

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Melbourne Cup 2017 - Sunday, 29 October 2017
Melbourne Cup Baby Blog: 

So it's Melbourne Cup again - big deal! What makes horses so great anyway???? Yes, I've read the newsletter this month, and yes, I suppose some of the "horsey" facts are cool - sort of. But compared to a horse, we parrots are literally super-heroes with AMAZING talents. Check out these interesting parrot facts....
  • Parrots are incredibly intelligent birds - the African Grey Parrot is thought to have an IQ similar to that of the average 8 year old human child. They can be taught to count, recognise shapes, letters and more!
  • The parrot is the only type of bird that can bring food to its mouth using its feet - we should seriously be invited to more dinner parties because we really have exceptional table manners
  • Parrots can see UV light (ok, that's not quite as cool as super-man's xray vision but it comes pretty darn close in my books)
  • Large parrots (like cockatoos) can live for more than 75 years and even the small ones (like me) can live up to 15 years!
  • Parrots don't have vocal cords. They have amazing control over the trachea/wind pipe and can alter the shape and depth of it to produce noises of different pitch (so yeah, maybe don't laugh at me the next time I blog about trying out for "birdie idol" or "the voice" you puny humans!!)
  • A parrot's beak can close with a force close to 160kg psi (don't stick your fingers in my cage - I will draw blood
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Baby's Caloundra Music Festival Blog: - Sunday, 1 October 2017
 Baby's Caloundra Music Festival Blog:

All I ever hear about this time of year is how great the Caloundra Music Festival is! All the clients come in raving about this band or that band and what a great time they had. I’ve lived here at Moffat Beach Vet Surgery for 13 years and not once have I ever got an invitation to go and see this iconic event. Well, enough’s enough! This year not only am I going, but I’m going to perform (well, until the security guards drag me off stage that is – hee hee) I was thinking about whistling the theme song from the Adam’s Family or maybe Pop goes the Weasel but then I thought I might add something new to the repertoire. All you dedicated Baby Blog readers will be the first to see the lyrics of my much anticipated new hit single “I’m Baby, and I’m great” (sing it to the tune of the Adam’s family)


I’m cranky and I’m grumpy

My stature’s short and stumpy

When the cat’s around I’m Jumpy

I’m Baby and I’m great!


On Sundays I feel lazy

I’m actin’ kinda crazy

I’m old – my memory’s hazy

But I’m Baby and I’m great!

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