Puppy Preschool


 We hold regular Puppy Preschool classes at the clinic.

Why should you and your puppy attend Puppy Preschool?

Puppy Preschool provides your puppy with important socialisation and basic obedience skills. Socialisation is very important for your puppy to experience before reaching 16 weeks of age, as this is the primary social impact period in which young dogs are most open to accepting new things. During play time at the beginning and end of each class, your puppy will learn the necessary body language skills to communicate effectively with other dogs and interact appropriately with people. 
Basic obedience training ensures your puppy is polite and well mannered. Pups are taught basic commands such as sit, stay, lie down, roll over, come and how to walk on a lead. We will also teach your pup not to bite or jump up and we will give you tips on how to prevent barking, digging, stealing and all the other doggy behaviours that don't fit in with human homes! Toilet training techniques are also covered in the course.

What training methods do we use?

We use "Lure and Reward" based training techniques which implements positive reinforcement for desired behaviours. It is a quick, effective and safe way of learning which encourages a strong relationship between you and your dog.

When are classes held?

Puppy Preschool courses run for 4 consecutive weeks on a Wednesday or Monday night from 7.00 p.m.
for one hour.

Where are classes held?

Classes are held at the clinic in the reception area.

How much does Puppy Preschool cost?

The four week course costs $88 for one pup, or $140 for two pups from the same family.

What do you need to bring?

A collar, lead and mat/towel or bed for your pup to sit comfortably on.

How do you book?

You can book your puppy into Puppy Preschool by phoning or visiting us at the clinic.

Who teaches Puppy Preschool?
Andy Readdy is a qualified Veterinary Nurse with over 10 years of experience teaching puppy Preschool.

Please call us on 3366 6666 or see reception if you have any queries regarding Puppy Preschool.