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Senior Pets

For many pet lovers watching our companions grow older is a comforting, rewarding experience.  It is hard to believe that the same bundle of energy tearing around the yard so many years ago is now the calm and kind old friend curled up on the couch.  When your friend starts to slow down, put on a little weight, stiffen up they need your help and understanding.

As your friend ages, two kinds of changes occur.  First is age related change such as hearing loss, changes in vision or reduced activity. These are all normal signs of aging which can't be prevented.

The second is pathological change or disease such as heart disease, kidney disease, arthritis or dental disease.  These are to some extent, preventable or can be successfully managed.

Therefore, at Animal Tracks Veterinary Clinic, we recommend your friend has a checkup twice a year.

The Senior Health Check will include:

Body condition score and weight check
Heart and general cardiovascular check
Musculoskeletal/arthritis check
Dental health check
Opthamology assessment
Examinations of skin and ears
Examinations of lymph nodes
Examinations of core body temperature
Blood pressure check
Dietary recommendations
Blood and urine screen (complete blood count, biochemistry including kidney and liver indicators, thyroid levels and urinalysis)

If you think it has been more than 6 months since your furry friend has had a trip to the vet, why not book in for a Senior Health Check.

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