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Work Experience Feedback

Catlin R

I'm from Bomaderry High School and i recently completed one week of work experience at Bomaderry Veterinary Hospital. It was a fantastic experience learning about everything that goes on in the veterinary hospital, also everything that come with the career of being a vet/vet nurse. I watched surgeries,cleaned, met animals and clients and also cared and groomed animals as well. Not to mention the fantastic staff at Bomaderry Veterinary Hospital who taught and educated me as i watched them work. I've learn't so much from the experience and i appreciate the experience i recieved and allowing me to ask and learn as many things as i did.

Jade D

During my week of work experience at the Bomaderry Veterinary Hospital I took in a large amount of information regarding common health issues of cat, dogs and other species of animals. I also learn't how animals of all species are treated and monitored at the veterinary hospital. The overall experience was really enjoyable and has helped me with my furher interest toward a vet career path.

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