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Shampoo Tips

PRACTICAL TIPS FOR SHAMPOOING DOGS                           
1.  Thoroughly wet your dog all over. The more water you get into the coat, the easier it is to shampoo.
2.  Use a sponge to wash the face. This gives you more control and most pets hate water sprayed on their face.
3.  Rub some of the excess water off, so the dog is wet but not dripping. Too much water will dilute the shampoo. You can always add some more water if there isn't enough to make a lather.
4.  Pour the shampoo in a line down your dog’s back - be generous, especially when using a medicated shampoo. Pour some onto your hands and apply to your dog’s legs and belly.
5.  Rub your dog all over until a lather has been created. Make sure you get under the tail, between the legs and around the muzzle, as these are all areas that can harbour bacteria and yeasts
6.  Be careful around the eyes. Apply some shampoo to your hand or a flannel and then use that to apply to the face.
7.  Give the shampoo time to work. Most medicated shampoos need to be left on for at least 10 minutes. Give your dog something to do to distract him, play a game or take him for a walk. And remember to use a clock to time yourself.
  1. Rinse thoroughly! Rinse for at least 5 minutes to help remove dirt and debris in the coat.
9.  Dry your doggie! No one likes a wet dog, not even the dog.
10. Use warm water if possible. It is more comfortable and will actually help the shampoo penetrate the oils on the coat.
11. If in doubt wear gloves and an apron. Some people will develop rashes even with the mildest shampoos.
If your dog has ITCHY skin simple hydration will help to soothe that irritation, some times for up to 24 hours.
We have some hypoallergenic, emollient shampoos that clean and soothe the skin and leave it moisturised.
Some are simple shampoos that leave the coat clean, soft and lustrous, others such as Aloveen have Oatmeal and Aloe Vera added, to soothe and calm the skin.
This can sometimes be the only necessary treatment or it can be used to dramatically reduce the need for Cortisone.
These shampoos are suitable for use with Flea products such as Frontline as they will not strip the oil from the skin.
Human shampoos are NOT suitable; our skin is different from dog’s skin, so the shampoo you use must be different.
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