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Parvo virus scare

Recently in the news there has been reports about a rise in the number of parvo virus cases in the upper Hunter, specifically around Muswellbrook.
This should alert us all to the fact that we shouldn't be complacent about keeping up vaccinations. While young unvaccinated puppies are the most at risk, older dogs who have not been vaccinated for a number of years are also at risk. A three year vaccine is available at Macquarie Road Vetz. This will give immunity for at least three years.
But the main thing is NOT to take a new puppy out into areas where parovirus may be present. All puppies should be kept away from risk areas,  at least until a week after the 12 week vaccine. Puppy school is a great place to socialise new puppies with minimum risk. Not only is puppy school a safe option it is also a lot of fun.