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Robert has been teaching the benefits of ultrasound to both general practitioners and emergency veterinarians since 2011. Although based in South East Queensland, Robert has well over 100, in-clinic tutorials under his belt in Far North QLD, NSW, Darwin, Victoria and South Australia.

Robert conducted the A.S.A.V.A. 2013 ultrasound workshop and taught at the Improve International Diagnostic Imaging course in 2014.
Robert has also given webinars, broadcasting worldwide, for Vet Education, The Webinar Vet and Veterinary Classrooms in 2013 -2015. An example of these is available for viewing using the link below.

Robert offers tuition on, a one-to-one basis, and small to larger groups and, can adapt the scope and direction of teaching to suit YOUR requirements.

                                Small Group                                                               Large Group                            


This involves the theory and practical application of ultrasound, demonstrating a variety of techniques, with ample ‘hands on’ practical time for students on YOUR machine, in YOUR Practice or, utilizing one of Robert’s machines should you wish.
Robert also conducted the ultrasound workshop at the ASAVA 2013 and has performed various other small workshops at, Arundel Veterinary Surgery on the Gold Coast.
Comprehensive notes are provided, if required, with each tutorial in deluxe hard copy format, together with a pdf copy of the presentation on CD.

These tutorials can be arranged at a time to suit you and can be undertaken on a day, evening or weekend basis.


Four hour training session             - $300 irrespective of how many vets are involved
Full course - 4 x 4 hour sessions  - $1,140 irrespective of how many vets are involved.
Notes                                                   - $92 per copy  - Discount available for over four copies.
Travel Expenses                               -  As appropriate

NB - If more than three vets are involved it is likely to take more than 4 hours per session due to the large amount of 'hands- on' practical involved.

All prices + GST

Subjects covered include -
· Basic Physics, overview of ultrasound and systematic abdominal examination. ( 4 x 4 hours)
          Overview of the modality of ultrasound
          Basic Physics of ultrasound and its application in operating your machine
          Application of the physics giving you an understanding of how to get a good image each
          and every time. Otherwise known as 'Image optimization.'
          Overview of the abdominal examinination techniques in use in Australia , UK and Europe.
        · Abdominal Ultrasound - Systematic examination of the abdomen Inc.Kidneys, liver, spleen,
          urinary and gall bladders, stomach, duodenum, adrenals, pancreas.
          Miscellaneous subjects - eg Pregnancy,  FNA considerations, misc uses for ultrasound

· Cardiac ultrasound— (Echocardiography) ( 1 x 4 hours)
         Covering the basic views and measurements and recognising some common abnormalities.

· Non-Cardiac thoracic— (1x 2hours)
           The pleural cavity with the limitations and usefulness of ultrasound - eg pleural fluid,
           pericardial fluid, pneumothorax,  masses.

Business Hours
Mon:8:00 AM to 6:00 PM
Tue:8:00 AM to 6:00 PM
Wed:8:00 AM to 6:00 PM
Thu:8:00 AM to 6:00 PM
Fri:8:00 AM to 6:00 PM
Sat:8:00 AM to 6:00 PM
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